Finally, A Challenge That Brings Bliss!

Many women have trust issues with our body where we feel betrayed by our body something's happened. And it's just an angry or sad add relationship to the body. Or we can feel uncomfortable. There there's a lot of discomfort that can be had having a physical body -- something's happened, maybe an imbalance or a disease of some sort. And now there's a lot of discomfort in the body, or we can be disassociated, which can happen with high stress or traumatic experiences where we're not even in our body. We can't even feel our body let alone enjoy our body.

The Body Ecstatic Challenge is for women who would love to have a passionate love affair with their own body. Exactly as your body is right here right now.

This is not about dieting. 

This is not about all the different exercise and fitness programs you can do. 

This is about coming back deeply into your body with a relationship of profound, respect of love, delight, and even a little surprise because there's so much hidden pleasure held in our body.

So how do are we going to do that? 

We're going to spend five full days together. 

In this challenge, I will cover 

  • the physical aspects of having a body; 
  • the emotional aspects; 
  • the mental, around beliefs and definitions; 
  • the essence or more spiritual side of body; and then 
  • the relational, how our body relates to its environment and others. 

We're going to look at that TOGETHER over a five-day period.

When I've done these before, each day we have a breakthrough. By the end of the five days, it's going to be such an experience of ecstasy, you won't even realize how deeply we've gone.

We have been ingrained by our society to loathe our bodies, to despise our bodies, to mistreat our bodies, to speak ill of our bodies, to look in the mirror and criticize our bodies, to look at other bodies and compare ourselves.
The point of having a body is to be deeply sensual. 

So that's what I want to invite you to -- a sensual reunion with your body. 

If you'd love to join, it's only $7 for the full five days. 

We're going to be doing this through a private Facebook group. We will be using the REPLAY of the daily LIVE-Streaming in an hour-long video call. Just completely content-rich with very practical takeaways, things that you can do immediately for that ecstatic body experience. (If you don't use Facebook, I have a solution for that as well in a moment.) We will also support you with daily emails linked directly to the video, the pdf of the homework, and more juiciness!

For a little bit more... you can opt into the VIP experience. This will have an additional 2-1/2 hours of instruction for the week and dive into some deeper questions and practices. If you're not on Facebook, we will be emailing you the 90-minute video replays, along with the homework and juiciness. Simply opt-in to the VIP Access on the next page. Although we mentioned that it was $37 in the video, we've chosen to price the VIP Access Replays at ONLY $17.

So whatever option you like the $7 for the full five days or the $17 for the VIP, I would love to see you on the inside and that we start this year fully and celebratory energy around having an ecstatic central reunion with our body.

What Women Are Saying About Body Ecstatic


#Ilovemybody 💕 I love my body because how can I not? She’s been with me since birth, been there for me in the good and the bad, knows me the best, holds all my secrets and if I listen to her carefully she even tells me where I need  to go!


#Ilovemybody It is vibrant healthy fit and strong. I did my daring invitation this afternoon, I saw the fear and sadness changing to greater aliveness, self love and receptivity. I am so grateful to be part of this ecstatic group ❤


#ilovemybody at first I went back-and-forth about the things I love about my body. They became crowded with the things that are hard. Like health challenges for example. But in the end I realized how much I appreciate my body‘s creativity and my amazing elevated senses. ❤️💗❤️I also just forgot to say that I am so completely touched by the caring and encouragement in this group. Really amazing!🙏💗❤️💗


#ilovemybody Ich liebe meine Körper. Quiero mi cuerpo. Ik hou van mijn lijf.


#ilovemybody I was on my Facebook life for the first time in my life. When I was rewatching the video I started to judge myself (my look). So I stopped and started giving myself compliments. This is loving my body. 


I enjoyed this body ecstatic challenge so much & seriously just love the fact that there are women all over the world working on connecting to & improving themselves. Totally gives me the chills. 
Keep up the great work!!  

Pay-It-Forward: By registering for the 5-Day Body Ecstatic Challenge, you are participating in support women around the world to free themselves. We give a % of the revenue generated from this event to WorldPulse.

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